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GEROS Handbook

This handbook aims to orient UNICEF personnel with the Global Evaluation Reports Oversight System (GEROS) – the UNICEF evaluation quality-assessment system.

GEROS Handbook Summary

2020欧洲杯分组赛程This summary of the GEROS Handbook provides an overview of evaluation quality assurance, the GEROS assessment process and more.

Quality Checklist for Evaluation Terms of Reference 

This checklist outlines key elements to include in the terms of reference of an evaluation, in alignment with United Nations Evaluation Group norms and standards.


UNICEF Evaluation Policy

2020欧洲杯分组赛程The evaluation policy outlines evaluation principles and procedures, defines key accountabilities and more.

Procedure on the Implementation of the UNICEF Evaluation Policy

This procedure provides UNICEF staff with the requirements for implementing the evaluation policy, ensuring the organization and partners use evaluation for learning, continuous improvement and strengthened accountability.

UNICEF Corporate Implementation Framework

The corporate implementation framework of the evaluation policy sets out specific actions required by various actors within UNICEF to implement the policy.

UNICEF Evaluation Report Standards

2020欧洲杯分组赛程These standards serve as a guideline for UNICEF staff in the preparation and assessment of evaluation reports.

These norms and standards from the United Nations Evaluation Group serve as a key reference for evaluators around the globe.

UNICEF Procedure for Ethical Standards in Research, Evaluation, Data Collection and Analysis

These procedures establish minimum standards for UNICEF evaluations and ensure ethical oversight and accountability.

This document covers all aspects related to ethical research involving children’s participation in evaluation processes.

2020欧洲杯分组赛程This paper identifies existing limitations and potential risks associated with the use of social media platforms for data collection and analysis. 

Evaluation Management Response: Guidance for UNICEF Staff

This document offers guidance to ensure individuals across the organization effectively respond to evaluation findings.

Integrating Human Rights and Gender Equality in Evaluation

2020欧洲杯分组赛程This document from the United Nations Evaluation Group guides and promotes the integration of human rights and gender equality in evaluation practice.

Management Response Standard Operating Procedures

These procedures outline key accountabilities in preparing and implementing management responses for evaluations.


These principles from the United Nations Evaluation Group define the group's mission and approach.

These ethical guidelines from the United Nations Evaluation Group apply to all evaluation staff and consultants in the UN system.

Webinars and e-Learning

Explore our collection of webinars and other video resources. 

This e-learning programme from UNICEF and the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation, in collaboration with EvalPartners, offers a variety of online courses on development evaluation.

2020欧洲杯分组赛程This e-learning programme from UNICEF and ALNAP, in collaboration with EvalPartners and the United Nations Evaluation Group, offers online courses on conducting evaluations in humanitarian settings.